Exploring Home Architecture: Farmhouse


Much of the Riverside, Avondale and Springfield area is experiencing a “revival” of sorts with homeowners purchasing homes that have been neglected over the years and bringing them back to life. Thanks to popular television shows, lots of people are excited to take on fixer-uppers and incorporate their own styles for a truly unique home. For those looking for something more turnkey, but that still has character, Dostie is building farmhouse style new homes in Nocatee. The farmhouse architectural style is one that has been around for hundreds of years, but is experiencing a comeback with modern revisions to the use of the space. Here are some of the features that make up a typical Farmhouse-style home.

Farmhouse Architecture– Made Popular in mid 1800s

Features: simple gable-style roof structure, square or rectangular home footprint, clapboard siding, covered porches, large front doors, oversized openings, light or white walls, lots of interior woodwork (shiplap, board and batten, etc), large open-concept kitchens, reclaimed wood

Each farmhouse takes on the imprint of the people who live there, resulting in a truly personal style. From the simple form and function of the home to the basic materials used in the design, the farmhouse-style exudes an aesthetically pleasing essence from the lives of the families within.

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