Behind the Design: Settler's Landing

We sat down with Jade from the Micamy Design team to get their perspective on designing our Settler’s Landing Model, the Grand Acadia. We’ve been teaming up with Micamy for 3 years and knew they’d bring our vision for this model to life. Micamy Design brings more than 20 years of experience to every project and offers full Interior Design Consulting Services. 

Here’s a look into our interview with Jade from Micamy.

Q. How did the design process for the Settler's Landing model start?

We had a lot of leeway with the design. Certain elements we took from the inspiration photos. We went with a brighter color palette for summer and garden vibes, so blues and greens throughout the house. 

Q. Why did you choose a navy lounger in the Great Room instead of an L-shaped couch?

 Sectionals can be bulky in an open space like the Great Room. Making the lounger backless allows for the view to not be obstructed. Having a bench design makes it feel indoor-outdoor, so you can sit on either side and still be inside or outside the house.

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Q. In the master & master bath, you can see black, gold, and brush nickel finishes. Why did you choose to mix metals? 

Mixing metals is currently a huge trend. Gold & brushed nickel were the main two we wanted to feature and black & white were used as neutrals. Gold everywhere can be overwhelming, so we wanted to tone it down. Featuring those two metals also helped with the spring/summer themes. 



Q. What was the inspiration for the elements in the Flex Room?

The elements were intentional to match the lake & nature theme of the neighborhood. We wanted everything to feel more playful, but we did want to keep the greens and blues. The rug was the first element and we built off of that. We wanted it to be kid-friendly but stayed away from whites for durability. 

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Q. Bedroom 2 has a similar style to the Laundry Room, were they intended to match? Same with Bedroom 3 & the Flex Room?

Yes, they definitely play off of each other. We wanted to tie in the bedrooms with other areas of the house and make it all cohesive. Both bedrooms play off of the garden theme while also incorporating other rooms in the house.


Q. Why did you choose the couch, chairs, and coffee table for outside rather than an outdoor dining set since there is an outdoor kitchen?

We wanted to break it up from the inside design because the flow is living to dining and we didn’t want the outside to duplicate that. We wanted to extend the living room to the outside, so we wanted the pieces out there to be more lounging. However, a dining set could also fit out there. 


Q. What was the most difficult room to design?

The Flex Room for sure. The wet bar being open to both sides made it difficult since one is formal and one is geared towards kids. The flex room is also skinnier, so placing furniture to fit the space was harder.


Q. What was your favorite room in the house to design?

The cabana. It is so cute and turned out so well. It was also the easiest to design because it came so naturally. We wanted the cabana to be serene & spa-like since it’s detached from the house, almost like stepping into a beach house.



Come see Micamy's design work in person at our Settler's Landing Model!

Settler's Landing Model: 79 Harpers Mill Drive Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

Model Hours: 

Mon-Sat: 10 am - 6 pm

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